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Our Story


Introducing NAS "Narrate A Story" - where every fragrance is a chapter waiting to be written. Our brand name is more than just a catchy phrase; it encapsulates our core philosophy and the essence of our creations. We believe that perfume is not just about scent; it's about storytelling. Each bottle holds within it the power to evoke memories, stir emotions, and transport you to another time and place. Just as a captivating story unfolds with every turn of the page, our fragrances unfold on you, narrating a unique tale with each perfume.

Our believe is that when our customers purchase our perfumes, they're not just buying a product; they're investing in an experience. As they apply our fragrances, they embark on a sensory journey, where every note evokes a different emotion or triggers a specific memory. It's a unique opportunity for them to add new moments to their lives or revisit old ones, as each fragrance becomes a chapter in their personal.

With "NAS," we invite you to immerse yourself in the art of scent and let our fragrances become the ink that writes the chapters of your personal narrative, every perfume we meticulously create is more than just a scent; it's a narrative waiting to unfold. Think of it as a story bottled up, containing layers of memories, emotions, and feelings carefully infused into each fragrance.


From US to YOU.

Behind the Brand


Nehaa V Chander, Co-Founder of NAS

Nehaa V Chander is a Celebrity Certified Makeup Artist from All India Hair and Beauty Association, Commerical Model, and  Entrepreneur.

She started as an Interior Designer, but her love for Makeup is now her profession, Her love for perfumes is now NAS,

Join her on her Journey !


Suhasini Rahul, Business Partner  (NAS)

Suhasini Rahul,  Producer by Profession and a doting mother by choice. Suhasini started off working for the corporate giant Facebook, but her love for movies made her step into the world of film productions. She has worked as an Executive Producer for projects like 'Krishna and his Leelas" streaming on Netflix and Aha. Wife of Ram, streaming on Netflix. Mrs. Subbalamxmi, streaming on Zee5 and No 1 Yaari season 2 and 3, along with multiple ad projects.

Why a Swan in the Logo ?

The meaning of a Swan is grace, beauty, love, trust, and loyalty. Swan symbolism is also linked to inner beauty and self love, also the bird symbolizes affection and loyalty, goodness, and a happy life which NAS is all about !

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