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  • Fragrance Notes:

    - Top Notes: Sweet Pea, Bergamot oil
    - Heart Notes: Geranium oil, Golden quince, Freesia
    - Base Notes: Rose absolute, Patchouli oil

    GARDEN OF EDEN is the freshness of a shower and the scent of a rain-bathed garden. The new fragrance is composed of a floral bouquet with a modern twist and a pepper accent.

    GARDEN OF EDEN opens with sweet peas and citrusy notes of bergamot leading to geranium, freesia flowers and golden quince in the heart. The fragrance is rounded up with patchouli in the base, joined with Damascus and Centifolia rose! 

    The flowery aspect of the perfume comes from that idea of the garden after the rain. You have the lush wetness. You have the soil. You have the earthiness. 

    The main flowers are roses and freesia, “which is a little bit spicy and adds brightness. Then geranium leaves, which give an herbal, almost minty, vibrancy to the perfume. Then from the back note, there are patchouli leaves and quince—a fruit that is between a pear and an apple. It is not fruity, fruity. It is fruity floral. Then on top you have linen and bergamot

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