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Create Your Own Brand

 NAS offers a full-service creation and production process. We will formulate your product according to your brief, we work with you to select bottle, label and packaging design, and if necessary we can help you to create a brand personality for your product. 

Creating unique, beautiful perfumes is our expertise. We’ve set up our perfume creation programme to meet the needs of small- and medium companies; we offer very low minimum orders, and ours is a full-service offer. 

NAS handles all the production and delivers to you a beautiful, ready-to-sell perfume.

Here's how it works:


Image for representation purpose only.

Your scent is Selected ✓
Your bottle is selected, labels, stickers & cap are finalized ✓
Our artists design and create the ideal packaging for your fragrance according to your vision ✓
Your fragrance is poured into the bottles, sealed, labeled and packaged. Goods are shipped from our facility in Dubai, U.A.E ✓


Please note the minimum time to deliver an order is 45 days.

Terms & Conditions Applied

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